Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Did It! Wednesday! Make your own camper!

We did this project a few weeks ago in preparation for a camping trip. Being a military family, paychecks can be tight for the sort of items that are expensive-especially when we don't know how often we will get use of them. Case being...a tent for camping!

We were reluctant to buy one, because we felt that it would be a bugger to pack up considering we would have to let it air dry indoors in the air conditioning for a good week before packing it up to avoid must and mildew. And I don't know about you, but I don't want a tent that has been sitting in dirt in a campsite to be gracing my living room floor!

Welcome....the vehicle tent. This was the solution I came up with, and my husband measured and assembled. All you need is some plexi-glass screen on a roll, nylon webbing, a hot glue gun, and duct tape. A slight sense of adventure for camping would be good too, I suppose.

Measure windows and cut screen to size and shape.

Apply hot glue and form frame of nylon webbing for structure and reusability.

If you have a toddler son specializing in quality assurance, have him use a tape measure, to ensure the measuring capabilities of your yard stick ; ) Ours was right on, thank goodness : P

Continue with process for each window.

Capture nose-picking 4 year old daughter photo bomb.


To anyone wondering--"Well, where in the world did you store all your stuff??" I didn't say we do not have a tent, just not one big enough or fancy enough to SLEEP in! I picked up a small childrens tent at a garage sale for $10 that does the job for storage at the camp site. When we arrived, we loaded everything from the vehicle into it. In our small, two-three person tent, we stored- two Britax Boulevard car seats, our cooler with food and drinks, our plates and forks/knives, wash pan for dishes, towels, and a few other small supplies. We had a great time and will go again, but probably not for awhile. Camping is hard work with a 2.5 and 4.5 year old-- I am SO HAPPY we did not invest in a tent!!!

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