Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am slacking! Again!

I said I wouldn't let it happen again, but here I go--it has been six days since my last blog post! Oops!

My mom (Nana!) is coming to visit in two days, and we can hardly wait! Asta keeps diving on the floor, throwing her arm up in the air with two fingers sticking up and shouting "TWO SLEEPS! TWO SLEEPS UNTIL NANA IS HERE!" We have lots of fun things planned for when she arrives! (Including the kids' first dental cleanings and overdue well child exams from 18 months ago!) Also plan to do some shopping at the outlet mall, some antiquing around town, and hopefully other fun things too like getting frozen yogurt, going to the beach, movie night on the air station. Whatever everyone is up for! Will be a very fun nine days!!

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