Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Family Friday!

Today we have been thrifting! Thankfully, Asta is being a trooper. She went through her toy box today and said "Lets make a pile of what we want to keep...and what we want to sell!" Then she would say, "Mommy, say-'Asta, when is the last time you played with that?' I guess we should put it in the sell pile...." She had lots of fun. We are thrifting ten things from each room to start with--making it 100 items total to thrift! (pretty good considering I've already loaded up my vehicle four times with stuff to get rid of!) One step closer in getting our home as clutter-free and organized as possible before we move. Did I mention we are moving? : ) It's a pretty for sure thing, and could be happening as early as January! Everyone cross your fingers for us that we end up back home, or near-to-home! We miss the snow, the cold, the family, the friends, everything about the midwest! We will definitely be making use of our remaining time near the beach though!

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