Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Did It! Wednesday!

It has been waaaay too hot out to complete any of our outdoor projects in the garage, so it has been a week full of creating in the sewing room!

First, I sewed pillows for our kids. If you cut a standard sized pillow in half, it creates two perfectly sized pillows for toddlers! I just cut it in half, used a basting stitch to close off the open ends, then started sewing the pillowcases. When I finished the pillowcases, I tried button-holing for the first time with great success!

Anders got one with a transportation theme-it closes with green and blue buttons. Asta picked out retro apples and pears fabric for hers-and since we didn't have enough of that, I used organic cotton velour in a pretty shade of sage green for the back. Hers shuts with shimmery pink buttons, perfect for that girlie girl. They absolutely love their pillows, as they are easy for them to carry around, and are specially sized for them! I look forward to sewing them cases in holiday themes too--they would love pumpkin or Santa themed ones!

I also made a car seat blanket for Anders-baby blue minky dot fabric with a satin Mickey cog work trim. I also tried my hand at doing a reverse appliqué, which turned out decent enough for a first try! I appliquéd a retro pear to a pair of infant chambray capris that I sewed a month ago. Other than that, I've just been busy mending ballerina dresses, leotards, and stuffed animals!

** I know, I know, "This post is useless without pics!" I will get some taken tomorrow!! **

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