Saturday, July 7, 2012


Welcome to Dirt Stompin' Hippies! I have come to realize that besides deployments, I will never come to use my She Wore a Yellow Ribbon blog on a regular basis. I used to have a lot to say about the Marine Corps. And as many of you know, I STILL have a lot to say about the Marine Corps. But I've come to learn that I would rather vent to my mother over the phone and be done with it, than have it be in a location that I can read and re-read and boil over again and again. What I DO like talking about, as many of my friends and people on Facebook green living! We love our eco-friendly practices, and although I can assure you we will never go "off the grid", we like to inch our way closer to whole living and buying sustainable products. We are learning to do more and more homemade, including laundry detergent--to which I will post a tutorial on how to make later! Along with things like how to upcycle used thrift store, garage sale, or hand me down clothing into unique (and in many cases better than new!) pieces of art for your kid to wear! Now, while we use a lot of eco-friendly practices, don't get me wrong...we enjoy our this-day-in-age conveniences too. We like watching television and surfing the web (and gasp! our two children do too!). We both have cellphones, though I recently dropped my Blackberry plan and got a basic phone instead! I am loving every minute of being less-reachable, by the way! I like the occasional Diet Coke-formeldahyde and all! And I've been known to chow down on Chips Ahoy! every now and then also! We do our best with what we know, have, and can afford. And I want to show you how easy it is, to do the things yourself too, if you are so inclined!

Yours truly,

the original Dirt Stompin' Hippie of our family,

Erica Lien

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